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Targeted Businesses

95% of businesses are facing interoperability issues within their IT systems and processes.


Omitani addresses and solves these issues, providing innovative, secured, and valuable interoperability solutions in order to increase processes fluidity, data quality,  user experience.

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Characteristics of a Successful API-First Company


Simplifies Complexity 


API takes away complexity, and makes a previous function easier than it was before, with a clear ROI in terms of either time or money. The best third-party APIs champion their users and a consumer often doesn’t even know it’s there (e.g. Stripe on e-commerce sites or Twilio messaging within apps).


Provides Business Critical Functionality


While third-party API functionality may not be a business’ core competency, it should be critical to the business’ success, often tied in to a customer monetization or engagement loop (e.g. bank connectivity for Plaid, messaging for Twilio, online payments for Stripe), and is frequently used in day-to-day product operations.


Takes Advantage of a Tectonic Shift 


The most successful third-party API companies have taken off at unique points in time (e.g. the advent of the Internet, the proliferation of the smartphone, an explosion in contactless payments) and oftentimes enable a functionality that was previously impossible prior to said tectonic shift.


Community X-Factor  


One interesting phenomenon across successful API-first companies is an evangelist community of early users, often leveraging open source software. Stripe, Twilio and Okta all invested deeply in the user communities of which they were a part, championing their users and empowering them so meaningfully that they organically spread the product across peer groups.

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